The RoundHouse

Greetings to all:

We feel privileged to be part of this historic community. Not only from a "stone and mortar" basis, our connection to the community is also through the people as well. Thank you, Eureka Springs, for being the unique and wonderful place that we now call home.

This Web site was built for your enjoyment as we know many in Eureka Springs have felt the RoundHouse almost belongs to us all. In many ways it does. The heart beat of history is the constant reminder of who we are but it is the throb of the heart that binds us together.

Jon and Twyla Pease
The RoundHouse


Thanks go to the Bank of Eureka Springs for permission and allowing us to use copies of the many photographs in their possession. All pictures used on this site came from them, other commercial sources or were commissioned by us.

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